NHS loses close one

News Sportswriter

Wow, last Thursday night, the Northview Chiefs played one of their best games of the season against the Baker Gators! This past week, the Chiefs went against one of the best teams on their schedule in Baker, and they did not come home without putting up a fight. The Chiefs ended up losing by one point, in overtime, caused by a 2-point conversion by the Gators. Northview has not beat Baker since 2012, and now, almost 10 years later, they did not go down without a fight.
First off, Baker scored a touchdown early on in the first quarter. They led the game until junior Jamarkus Jefferson scored a touchdown. Northview’s kicker, Brandon Ferguson added an extra point bringing the score 7-7.
Throughout the first half Baker scored 2 more touchdowns, bringing the score up 21-7. Northview was nowhere near giving up and answered the score by scoring a touchdown, which brought the score to 21-14. That did not stop Baker, and the Gators scored yet another touchdown which brought them to 28-14. Northview scored another touchdown, bringing the score to 28-21 by the end of the first half.
The game was far from over by the beginning of the third quarter and Northview was not done fighting. The Chiefs started off the second half strong and scored a touchdown, evening the score to 28-28. Baker scored another touchdown which made the score 35-28. Nearing the end of the second half, still down by 7, the Chiefs did not give up; instead they tied up the score to 35-35, forcing overtime.
The Chiefs started off overtime strong and got a touchdown putting them on top, 42-35. Baker scored again as well, but instead of kicking for the extra point, they decided to go for 2. Knowing that this play would make or break the ballgame, they gave it all they had and ended up scoring bringing the final outcome to 43-42. What a ballgame.
Based on their performance in this game, the Chiefs proved that their season is far from over and they have lots of potential. Last Thursday night was a phenomenal ballgame from both teams. Sure, the Chiefs did not officially win, but all in all they proved to everyone that they truly are a good football team that is willing to put up a fight.
This week is Northview’s homecoming week, and they face their rivals, the Jay Royals, this Friday night, October 1, at 7. Make sure y’all purchase your tickets because this is guaranteed to be a game you won’t want to miss!