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Vehicle break-ins

News Staff Writer

Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks said this week police have identified a “person of interest” in a series of vehicle break-ins that has plagued residents of the city’s southwestern sector over the past few days.
“We have established a person of interest and are actively searching for the subject at this time,” Brooks said Monday, September 20.
The police chief said the break-ins took place in close proximity to each other.
“We had four reports of breaking and entering vehicles, all of them on and around the Forest Hills Drive area,” he said.
According to reports, a wide array of items was taken in the vehicular burglaries, primarily purses, electronics, coins and prescription medications. None of the victimized vehicles was locked, reports show.
Brooks said residents could cut down the chances of suffering a similar fate by taking some simple precautions.
“People need to remove all their important documents and all their valuables from their vehicles,” he advised. “And be sure and lock the vehicle.”