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Arrest imminent in Chevron shooting

News Staff Writer

Atmore police have talked to witnesses, viewed store surveillance video and examined the physical evidence. The only thing left undone, as far as their probe into the August 31 shooting at the South Main Chevron goes, is the arrest of the person responsible. And that should happen soon.
Police Chief Chuck Brooks said this week that APD detectives have identified the man who stopped pumping gas and fired at least four shots at a car that was turning onto South Main.
“Our investigators have identified the shooter, the man at the gas pumps,” said Brooks, who said Monday, September 20, that police planned to obtain arrest warrants on Tuesday for the unnamed suspect. “They’ve established probable cause and are ready to make an arrest.”
According to police reports, the quiet of an Atmore Tuesday afternoon was shattered when the suspect, who had pumped only $10 worth of gas after paying for $15, suddenly dropped the gas nozzle, grabbed a firearm and started shooting.
Police did not release a possible motive for the shooting, but the police chief said there was “definitely some history between the suspect and the passengers in the car.”
Brooks said investigators determined that no shots were fired from the passing vehicle. No evidence has been uncovered that anyone in the car was hit by a bullet or bullets, and there were no reports of injuries from anyone at any of the fast-food establishments and retail stores surrounding the shooting site.
The suspect, when arrested, will be charged with at least one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle, Brooks said.
Under Alabama law, such a crime is a Class B felony. Anyone convicted of the charge could be punished by a term of 2-20 years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $30,000.