No parole for longtime inmate


News Staff Writer

An Escambia County man who has spent almost 27 years in state prison will apparently serve his entire sentence.
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles denied parole for 54-year-old Marcus Lawson, who has been behind bars since May 10, 1995.
Lawson was convicted in Escambia County Circuit Court of first-degree assault and second-degree burglary. He was sentenced to serve 30 years for the burglary and 10 years for the assault. The consecutive sentences amounted to a 40-year stretch in prison.
Through August 31 he had been in prison for 26 years and 11 months, including 209 days in jail awaiting transfer.
Lawson is currently housed at Bullock Correctional Facility. He is scheduled for release on December 26, 2027.