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Break expected in Chevron shooting

Officers marked the location of spent shell casings.

News Staff Writer

Atmore police were still investigating this week an August 31 incident during which several shots were fired at a passing car by a person who had been pumping gas at the Chevron station on South Main Street.
“We’re still working it, still tying up some things on it,” said Police Chief Chuck Brooks, who added that he feels there will be a break in the case before the week is out.
According to a store clerk, a man came into the store around 6:45 p.m. and paid for $15 worth of gas. The unidentified man had pumped $10 worth of gas when a car driving along South Main Street stopped or slowed down, and someone in the vehicle either yelled at him or did something else to anger him.
The customer dropped the pump nozzle and fired several shots at the other vehicle.
Patrol officers placed identification placards on the ground at four locations near the gas pumps, indicating that at least that many shots were fired from that area. Two more placards were placed on one of the concrete pillars that flank the gas pumps.
No evidence has yet been found indicating that anyone in the passing car fired any shots.
“We did not find any evidence of anyone in the car shooting at the person at the pump, but that’s not to say they didn’t,” Brooks said. “We found no shell casings on South Main.”
APD investigators have viewed the store’s surveillance video and have gotten a pretty good picture of what happened at the pumps.
“We do have video from the store, and it shows the entire incident that happened at the store,” the police chief said.
The man at the pumps will face charges of “reckless endangerment, at the very least,” added Brooks.