Chiefs fall to ‘Canes

Chiefs’ Jamarkus Jefferson (6) runs for yardage against Flomaton

News Sportswriter

Football season has finally arrived, and the Northview High School Chiefs kicked off their first regular season game at Flomaton High School last Friday night, August 27. This game was an eventful one for both teams. Every year, hundreds of fans for both sides come out to support their teams at this rival game. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the FHS Hurricanes came out with the win last Friday. The final score was 38-14 with the ‘Canes taking the win.
Although the Chiefs did not come out on top, they still put up a fight, especially in the first half. The first half of the game was very close, with the score 14-14 at half time. Jamarkus Jefferson, junior, earned both touchdowns for the Chiefs.
After scoring the first touchdown for Northview, later in the first half, Jefferson scored another touchdown from inside the 10-yard line. Unfortunately, those were the only scores for the Chiefs.
After the first half, Flomaton managed to score an added 24 points, bringing the final score to 38-14. Even though Northview did not come out on top in this game, Chiefs fans were still supportive. The student section was especially bright this game, with all Northview students sporting neon to support their Chiefs.
Last Friday’s game was not the outcome Chiefs fans had hoped for, but Northview’s season is far from over. This Thursday, September 2, Northview will take on Lighthouse Christian at Northview. It starts at 7 p.m., see y’all there!

News photo courtesy of Tri-City Ledger