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Escambia County Health Care Authority announces new ambulance service contracts

The Escambia County Health Care Authority (ECHCA) announced today (July 23) it has reached agreement with Medstar to provide comprehensive 24/7 ground ambulance coverage for the greater Atmore market. While they have recently been working with ASAP EMS, ECHCA has chosen to expand its existing relationship with Medstar to include the Atmore market. The ECHCA thanks ASAP for their service to the community and looks forward to working with them to create a smooth transition of services.

Additionally, ECHCA has also reached agreement with Medstar to provide Air Ambulance service for all of Escambia County. Currently Medstar provides Air Ambulance coverage only for the Atmore market. This new agreement will provide for a one-call solution for air ambulance needs for all the citizens of Escambia County.

Also, as part of the strategy to provide a better coordinated care model across the county, D.W. McMillan EMS will assume responsibility for providing ground ambulance service in the greater Flomaton area. This particular change will enhance ECHCA’s ability to serve the eastern half of the county.