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‘Take a Seat’ at the Strand

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For several years now, you’ve been reading and hearing about the Pride of Atmore’s efforts to revitalize the Strand Theater and the old Atmore Hardware Store. Fund-raising events have been held; the committee has appealed to a number of individuals, businesses, and organizations for donations; grants have been written and received.
If you haven’t been part of the effort to this point, but would like to be, here’s your opportunity to support the Pride of Atmore and leave a legacy at the same time.
The “Take a Seat” fund-raising campaign is under way.
When the new seats are installed in the Strand, you can have your name or your company’s name, etc. engraved on a plaque to be placed on the back of a seat. You may want a plaque to be In Honor or In Memory of a loved one. The donation for a seat is $500.
There are 189 seats in the Strand and as of July 8, 20-plus seats had been reserved. Note that seats or location on a row are not being prioritized.
“In this campaign, everybody is important,” Pride founder Bub Gideons said. “If you have not had the opportunity to be included in fund-raising or meetings, this is your chance to be part of the effort.”