City council approves zoning amendment

News Staff Writer

After a brief public hearing, Atmore City Council members approved during their Monday, June 28, meeting a resolution amending the city’s zoning ordinance to reclassify two downtown business properties.
After the public hearing was called to order, Mayor Jim Staff asked for comments from anyone who was in favor of or opposed to the proposed measure. When nobody spoke up, the hearing was closed, and the regular meeting began.
City Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Vaughn explained the amendment to council members prior to their vote.
“The (Atmore City) Planning Commission has made a recommendation to the city council, a rezoning of 301 South Main Street and the adjacent property at 102 Owens Street,” Vaughn said. “It’s two pieces of property, owned by the same folks.”
Vaughn said the planning commission’s recommendation — that both properties be rezoned from R-2 (multi-family residential) to Downtown Business District — would properly put each property into its proper zone.
“This basically makes the property what it’s intended for,” he explained. “It’s a business piece of property; that’s the purpose behind it.”
He also pointed out again that the proposal had gone through all the proper channels before coming to the council for a vote.
“Just so you’re aware, all protocols have been followed,” Vaughn said. “The planning commission met on May 25, (the proposed resolution) was posted twice in the newspaper, and letters were mailed to the owners of all property within 300 feet of these properties.”
The four council members present (District 1’s Webb Nall was not able to attend the meeting) gave their unanimous consent to the resolution, and the zoning ordinance was formally amended.
There being no other business items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.