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John Dees ‘UPS guy’ passes away


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Many of us didn’t know his name until he passed away. Most of us knew him as the UPS guy. When he made a delivery, he filled the doorway, so big he was. Always a smile. Always a pleasant greeting. Always a good ambassador for the company he represented.
If you’ve been in business in Atmore for any length of time and you used UPS, you probably met him.
John Dees, the UPS guy, passed away suddenly last week.
His friend Paul Thompson posted the following on Facebook: I am a friend of John Dees. I met John years before he started at United Parcel Service. I know his wife Carolyn from my high school years. I myself, am retired but I worked side by side delivering packages in Atmore with John for over 10 years. John was a giant of a man, he was a very likeable person and was loved by many. He was a great friend, and well known in the Evergreen community. I knew that John had some health issues and was absent from work for several weeks during the Christmas peak season of 2020. He died suddenly on February 15. He is survived by his wife and their two sons. I wanted to do something to help them with the burden of funeral costs, along with having the burden of losing their husband / father. I know they will need these funds before long and what ever you can contribute would really be appreciated by his family. [Paul set up a GoFundMe account to help John’s family.] I myself will make sure all money donated will get to John’s family in a timely manner. Thank you from myself and surely from John’s family. God bless you and please say a prayer for John and especially for his family at this time of need.