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Main Street Atmore taking off

The team, from left, Courtney Bennett, Randy Wilson, Niki Bryan, Mary Helmer, Jay Schlinsog.

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Interest in Main Street Atmore is high as evidenced by the attendance at the public Main Street Alabama resource team meeting Thursday, September 3. More than 70 people – mostly distanced and masked – met in the city hall auditorium to hear possible revitalization plans for Atmore. Those plans were met enthusiastically when renderings were shown of buildings and streets before and after revitalization – in other cities and in Atmore.
Niki Bryan has been hired as the Main Street Atmore director.
The resource team was comprised of Mary Helmer, Main Street Alabama State Coordinator; Courtney Bennett, Main Street Alabama; Jay Schlinsog, District Professionals Network; and Randy Wilson, Community Design Solutions. The team was in Atmore September 1 through 3, meeting with realtors, business owners, economic developers, city officials, pastors, PCI, and numerous other organizations and residents in various areas of knowledge and expertise. A community vision session was held Tuesday, September 1, with the public presentation September 3.
Thursday evening, each team member presented a summary of their meetings and plans for the city based on Main Street Alabama’s Four Point Approach: Helmer – Organization of broad based local support and leadership, membership and fundraising; Wilson – Design of the built environments, signage, streetscape public spaces and other visual aspects; Bennett – Promotion to market district as a center of commercial and social engagement; Schlinsog – Economic Vitality or the process of helping to strengthen and expand the district’s economic base.