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Election certified

Staff re-elected; Johnson takes D3 seat; Gideons, Harrison in run-off

Gideons and Harrison at city hall August 25

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When there is uncertainty about a voter’s eligibility because the potential voter’s name is not on the voter rolls, he or she doesn’t have the required identification document or some other issue, the election manager is required to offer the voter a provisional ballot instead of a regular ballot.
In nearly all 50 states the provisional ballot, after being cast, is kept separate from other ballots until after the election. A determination is then made as to whether the voter was eligible to vote, and therefore whether the ballot is to be counted.
Provisional votes were tallied, and results of the August 25 Atmore Municipal Election were certified, Tuesday, September 1, as follows:

Jim Staff (I) — 919
Susan Smith — 739
District 1
Webb Nall (I) — 148
Bernard Williams — 126
District 2
Jerome Webster (I) — 169
Angelia Norman — 114
District 3
Eunice Johnson — 154
Chris Walker (I) — 59
District 4
Shawn Lassiter — 271
Larry Houck — 170
Logan Walston — 59
Brandy Giger — 35
District 5
Bub Gideons — 124*
Chris Harrison (I) — 108*
Sandra Gray — 102
*According to City Elections Manager Becca Smith, a run-off between Gideons and Harrison will be held on Tuesday, October 6.