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Pandemic update

3 more deaths

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Although sporadic patches continue to pop up across Alabama, statistics indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be on the decline. Escambia County showed only a nominal increase in the total number of confirmed cases, although three more local deaths have been chalked up to the virus.
The bi-weekly report issued jointly by Alabama Department of Public Health and Escambia County Healthcare Authority on Tuesday, August 25, indicates that only 3,286 new cases were reported across the state since last Friday (August 21) and only 42 of those were in Escambia County.
Nearly 111,000 Alabama residents (110,769) have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Only 1.1 percent of those victims (1,194) are residents of Escambia County.
The most alarming number is the climb in COVID-caused deaths across the county, from 17 to 20 since August 21. Statewide, almost 2,000 residents (1,950) have died from the effects of the viral infection.
Local hospitals
The county’s two hospitals had collected 3,463 samples between them by the report date, with a collective 730 positive outcomes. Atmore Community Hospital has had 506 tests come back positive, while D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital in Brewton has had 226.
ACH staff had collected 2,349 samples, with 1,788 negative outcomes. Results are pending for 16 others, while 39 samples have produced inconclusive results. At DWM, 1,114 samples have been collected, with 845 of them turning out negative. Lab results are pending for 19 samples, while 24 were inconclusive.
Local nursing homes
Although the statistics provided by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are relatively stale (the latest data is from August 9), they show that Atmore Nursing Center had no new cases during the seven days prior to the report date.
ANC’s numbers remained at 33 positive cases among residents, 22 among staff. Six of the facility’s residents have succumbed to the virus.
West Gate Village in Brewton reported seven new cases among residents during the week ended August 9, with 18 new cases reported among staff members.
The new cases bring the nursing home’s total to 68 positive tests among residents and 39 among staff members. The deaths of eight members of the facility’s population have been attributed to the virus.
State and local health officials encouraged residents to continue practicing social distancing, to adhere to the mandatory mask order issued by Gov. Kay Ivey and to practice good personal hygiene, such as washing hands regularly.