Atmore Recycling opens Saturday


News Staff Writer

A new face has been added to the Atmore area business community with the opening of Atmore Recycling on West Nashville Avenue, in the former Mills Fence Co. building.
Business owner Matt Crosby, a Pensacola native, is adding a new place for the community to be able to dump scrap metal and cans while making a buck or two in the process.
Crosby, who currently resides in the Molino community, is no stranger to the scrap business. A fourth-generation scraper, Crosby has gained experience through his other family-owned companies around the Northwest Florida area.
Titan Reality, GSI Recycling, Milton Iron & Metals, Scrapping Inc. and Crosby Holdings are just a few of the businesses Crosby has operated.
“We are a family owned company,” Crosby said. “We are not in control through a corporation, and we are looking forward to not only operating as a business within the community, but are looking forward to being a part of the community as well.”
Atmore Recycling will accept non-ferrous and ferrous metals. These include aluminum cans, scrap iron, copper, brass, appliances, tin and automobiles.
Crosby stressed that Atmore Recycling wants to help keep the community clean by offering a place to dump unwanted trash and metals. In return, customers can receive some extra cash in return for turning in their unwanted recyclables.
“We want to provide business not only to the general public, but as well to commercial accounts,” Crosby said. “We felt that this was a great location and we are excited to know people on a first name basis.”
Part of the driving force behind opening the Atmore business is Crosby’s love for his children he hopes one day will be able to learn and take over the family operation.
To Crosby, the Atmore location will be the key starting point since it is in close proximity with his home.
Currently, scales are being laid, calibrated and licensed at the location.
The official opening date for Atmore Recycling is slated for July 6.
“I am excited at the opportunities that this town offers and we are looking forward to becoming part of this great community,” Crosby said.