Let God overcome the anxiety and breathe

Life offers many challenges to us as we face our day-to-day routines. No day is the same, and challenges come up on a constant basis.
For me, anxiety has peered its ugly head on many occasions. I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis.
Large crowds overwhelm me, I hate change in routine, and I cannot stand it when I cannot figure something out. On certain days, I feel like placing my head under a rock and not moving.
Back when I played hockey on a daily basis, I always had the same exact routine before and after the game. Many players have these weird superstitions, and I was no different.
I have always put my equipment on the same way, drank the same drink, taped my stick with certain tape. And I always tap the wall three times with my stick before entering the ice.
“Weird” is an understatement when describing these actions, but if these actions were ever deviated from, my gameplay was doomed.
I always found myself almost hyperventilating before a shift and I was almost always nervous about the crowd.
When I finally made it onto the pro hockey scene, the crowd was my biggest factor. Already hating being in large groups of people, I now found myself playing in front of thousands.
Although I never logged a ton of ice time at all, I remember the painstaking routine it was to just skate out onto the ice during introductions in front of the crowd in the stands.
Anxiety is something I faced then, and I face now. I often wonder how this disease plays a part in other athlete’s lives.
I am well aware and can relate to high school athletes that suffer from this condition. It almost takes a miracle to overcome anxiety attacks during a game.
I found that when I botched a play, I was immediately filled with anxiety and wondered what everyone who was watching me thought.
As an athlete, messing up and giving up a big play is always a fear.
I found comfort in praying and talking to myself. As I did this, I felt all the worry disappear slowly.
It felt as if a large stone was slowly being removed from my shoulders and my concentration went back to the game situation.
The secret to dealing with anxiety is simple. If you find yourself in the middle of the field about to break down because you missed an important play or catch, pray.
I promise that it helps.
Just as God created you, he can help you overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. Sometimes it is hard to just let everything go and trust.
For myself, I like to be in control of every single aspect.
I like to plan things out and make sure that the job I am doing is up to par. If I fail in the tiniest bit, I find that I cannot sleep that night.
I sometimes forget that God, not me, is in control. Everything happens for a reason. If that is so, then why worry?
Put your cares into God’s hands and just play the game. Let him lead you instead of you trying to lead yourself.