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The ACS science fair

Middle grade winners, from left, Helen Weber, Elizabeth Terry, Brooklyn Hursh
High school winners, from left, Abby Weber, Garrett Harper, Micah Mast

Forty-two students. Forty-two science projects.
Here was everything you wanted to know about how fast different types of chocolate melt, to the benefits of having worms in your soil, to the germs on your bathroom surfaces (almost too much information there).
The Atmore Christian School science fair was held Monday afternoon, February 17, with awards presented in middle grades and high school for first, second and third. The public was invited to come in from 1:30 to 2:30, see the projects and talk with students.
This science fair is about more than science. As I walked around and talked to students at random about their projects, I was impressed by their knowledge of the project but also how well they interacted. Their eye contact and ability to talk with people at random will help them – although they may not realize it now.
Three judges selected the top three in each grade group, but they didn’t just walk around and judge. They spent about 23 hours researching the hypothesis and result of each project.
Winners in the middle grades were Helen Weber, first place; Elizabeth Terry, second place; and Brooklyn Hursh, third place. Winners in high school were Abby Weber, first place; Garrett Harper, second place; and Micah Mast, third place.