Restructuring of APD includes 3 promotions


Lt. Ken Sessions presents December awards to Sgt. Thaihee Staples, at left, and Officer Logan Weber.

News Staff Writer

A restructuring plan that includes the promotion of three officers and the reassignment of one, has been implemented at Atmore Police Department.
The overall plan, which also includes honoring each month the officers who best perform their duties, was a collaborative effort between Chief Chuck Brooks and newly promoted lieutenant Ken Sessions.
“Basically, it’s a restructuring of the department, a new program,” Brooks said. “I’ve promoted Sgt. Ken Sessions and Sgt. Robbie Williams to lieutenant, and Lt. John Stallworth to captain.”
Brooks said Sessions, who is APD’s primary narcotics investigator and a member of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Drug Task Force, came up with the idea of paying homage to the department’s top-performing patrol officer and sergeant each month.
“Ken came up with that idea as a way of improving morale,” he said. “It’s based on work performance.”
Sessions has also volunteered to fill a gap that has existed in APD’s command structure.
“He is a well-versed investigator, and he has volunteered to serve as a night-shift lieutenant,” the police chief said. “We have needed one for some time, and we will eventually have somebody permanent in that position. But Ken is out at night riding around, anyway, so he said he would do it for now.”
Williams is the department’s lead criminal investigator, while Stallworth serves as APD’s second in command.
Another aspect of the restructuring plan is the reassignment of patrol sergeant Ryan James to warrant service and bailiff for Atmore Municipal Court.