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YLA learns first impressions count

Special to Atmore News

Each month, the members of Youth Leadership Atmore meet as a group to learn about the community, discuss ideas for ways to improve our town, and learn important life skills to help build positive leaders and role models.
For the November session, the YLA members met at United Bank to learn about first impressions and the impact that a first impression has. On November 6, the committee members had the privilege to listen to town leaders and United Bank employees give personal testimonies and insight on how to give the best first impression.
Mayor Jim Staff told the group that his best advice is to “make the right choices in life and to learn from your mistakes.” Bob Jones, CEO of United Bank, urged the group to take initiative and always be prepared. He challenged the group to go out into the world and be successful whether they have a college degree or not.
“The most important thing you can do is learn to learn,” stated Mr. Jones.
Tonya Lambert, VP of Marketing and Public Relations of United Bank, told the group that she looks for positivity, confidence, and eye contact when making a first impression. She encouraged the group to know who they are as individuals and to seek employment that aligns with their personal values. She stated the importance of being passionate about your career and being honest with yourself and others. She talked frankly with the group about the proper use of social media today and how it can both help and hurt your employment opportunities.
Jessica Lowell, VP Human Resources Manager, focused on the importance of a proper resume and how it can be both a positive and negative first impression to a company.
The members of YLA were asked to come to the session with their own resumes in hand and were interviewed by members of the community who volunteered their time to offer insightful tips on how to properly make the first impression. Each member was offered feedback to include positive aspects of their interview and points that could be improved to better serve them in the future.
After the interviews were completed, the members took a tour of Atmore/PCI Animal Shelter to donate supplies needed to help with cleaning the shelter.
The members of YLA would like to thank United Bank for hosting this month’s session, as well as Mayor Staff, Mr. Bob Jones, Tonya Lambert, Jessica Lowell, and the interview volunteers for offering their time and knowledge to the group.