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Police seeking masked bandits in bungled burglary

News Staff Writer

Atmore police are seeking two men, one of whom wore a Halloween mask, who broke into a Perch Street home last week in an apparent robbery attempt.
APD Chief Chuck Brooks said this week that police were called around 8:20 p.m., October 28, by a person at a residence in the 600-block of Perch Street, where the home invasion took place.
“Police were called by an individual at the home,” Brooks said. “He told officers that he found two males standing in his laundry room. One had on a clown mask; the other had a wool hat pulled down over his face.”
Although police reports don’t indicate that either of the home invaders had a weapon, the primary occupant of the home said in a Facebook post that the bandits “kicked my door in and (were) going to attempt an armed robbery on whomever was in my home.”
The home’s only occupant at the time of the break-in apparently heard the noise of the door breaking, grabbed a gun and went to investigate. His apparently unexpected presence sent the would-be bandits running from the residence.
The woman who posted the Facebook entry said, “When my brother came out with his gun to see what the commotion was, they aborted the mission and fled as quickly as possible.”
Brooks confirmed that part of the story.
“The two men exited the house after the person approached, armed with a firearm,” he said. “They ran out and got into a white Kia that was parked and running in the middle of the street and drove off.”
The homeowner also said that police told her the bandits “hit two more houses after mine and still haven’t been caught,” but Brooks said he could find no more burglary or home invasion reports from that area or on that date in APD computers.
The police chief said the incident is still under investigation and asked that anyone with any information that could lead to the arrest of the bandits call 368-9141 and share the info.