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Third citywide recycling drive is Saturday

News Staff Reporter

The City of Atmore will offer environmentally conscious residents the opportunity again this year to save themselves the trouble of taking recyclables to the city’s recycling trailer and of getting rid of some hard-to-dispose-of materials.
The third annual City Cleanup & Recycling Drive will be conducted this Saturday, November 2, starting at 7 a.m. and continuing through 1 p.m. City solid waste collection crews will remove a long list of recyclable materials, including electronics, from curbside and roadside.
Mayor Jim Staff said the project should be a success, based on the two previous events.
“The city will be picking up computers, stereos, all kind of recyclable materials,” the mayor said. “The cleanup has been successful. We’ve got a lot of stuff both years.”
Just like on garbage collection day, residents can just put the recyclable items beside the street. But, Staff pointed out, residents should not put their household garbage out until their regular pickup day.
“We’re not going to be picking up household garbage on Saturday,” he said. “Pretty much anything that can be recycled, we are picking that up, but that’s all.”
The list of items that will be accepted includes cardboard, plastics, paper, glass and any electronics item, even cords.
The city will also accept motor oil, paint and tires, three items that are not easily disposed of. However, the city won’t pick those items up on Saturday, nor will it accept Styrofoam.
“We’ll pick up the other stuff at curbside,” said Staff. “But the paint, oil and tires, it would be better if they took that down to the recycling center. And the Styrofoam, it can be put out with the household garbage on regular pickup days. It’s not recyclable, so we won’t pick any of it up on Saturday, either.”
The municipal recycling center is located at 412 East Ridgeley Street, adjacent to the city shop. It is open from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.