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Food scores released

The following Escambia County food / lodging establishment ratings were released by the Alabama Department of Public Health for September. Ratings are ranked by score, low to high.
FSE = Food Service Establishment
Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, Atmore, 87, FSE
Atmore Donuts, Atmore, 90, FSE
Holiday Inn Express Kitchen, Atmore, 91, FSE
Waffle House #1969, Atmore, 92, FSE
Chen’s Chinese Buffet, Atmore, 94, FSE
Pizza Hut #2076, Brewton, 95, FSE
Pizza Hut #2074, Atmore, 95, FSE
DISHA, LLC dba First Choice Grocery, Atmore, 95, FSE
Fastlane Convenience Store, Atmore, 95, FSE
Anchor Café, Atmore, 96, FSE
Lil’ Angels Development Center, Atmore, 96, daycare food service
Glorious Creations, LLC, Atmore, 96, FSE
Tom Thumb #44, Douglas Ave., Brewton, 97, limited food
Brewton Middle School, Brewton, 97, school lunchroom – public
Golds BBQ, Atmore, 97, FSE
Circle K #2721571, Hwy. 113, Brewton, 97, limited food
Ray’s, Brewton, 97, FSE
Dean’s Northside Grill, Atmore, 98, FSE
Diamond #4, Howard St., Atmore, 98, limited food
Brewton Elementary School, Brewton, 98, school lunchroom – public
W.S. Neal Elementary School, East Brewton, 98, school lunchroom – public
Diamond Gasoline Station #7, Hwy. 113, Brewton, 98, FSE
Walmart #7247 (Retail / Produce), Atmore, 98, retail food store
Walmart #7247 (Deli), Atmore, 98, FSE
David’s Catfish House, Atmore, 99, FSE
W.S. Neal Middle School, East Brewton, 99, school lunchroom – public
W.S. Neal High School, East Brewton, 99, school lunchroom – public
First Baptist Preschool Ministries, Atmore, 99, daycare food service
Murphy Express #8546, Douglas Ave., Brewton, 99, limited food
The Warehouse Market and Bakery, Atmore, 99, FSE
Pollard McCall Jr. High School, Brewton, 100, school lunchroom – public
The Butcher’s Market, Atmore, 100, retail food store