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Thanks to Dale and Cindy

At an award presentation, from left, Allen Walston, Emilee Waters, Foster Kizer, Stephanie Barnes, David Landa, recipient Dale Ash, Cindy Colville, Bub Gideons.
At an award presentation, from left, Mandie Thompson, Emilee Waters, Foster Kizer, recipient Cindy Colville, Sandy Helton, Tom Tschida.

Special to Atmore News

The Pride of Atmore proudly presents THANK YOU Awards to Dale Ash and Cindy Colville for their continuing support and involvement in the efforts to restore and renovate the Strand Theatre and Atmore Hardware Building.
Their participation in the Pride of Atmore is part of the downtown revitalization that has already shown positive movement with over 14 new businesses opening in our business district.
Dale and Cindy have been instrumental in the fund-raising efforts of both the capital campaign and the board of directors fund-raising efforts. With their tireless support, the Pride of Atmore has raised over $400,000 in donations and $250,000 in grants that will go towards our final goal. Progress is happening and we hope to start demolition by the end of the year. \Blueprints are being finalized, an enormous amount of collaboration is taking place, and we have received preliminary approval from the Alabama Historical Commission that our applications to be placed on the historic registries are being moved forward.
All this is made possible by the hard work of Dale, Cindy and the Pride of Atmore board of directors, as well as contributions and donations from businesses and citizens of Atmore. We still have a long way to go and we need the help of all Atmore’s citizens. Please consider a donation or come join our team. We need volunteers who are willing to help turn Atmore around. Together we can do great things.

Foster Kizer is the Pride of Atmore executive director