No quorum for council meeting

News Staff Writer

Atmore City Council’s scheduled Monday (July 22) meeting was called off when only two council members were able to attend.
District 1’s Webb Nall and District 3’s Chris Walker met behind closed doors with Mayor Jim Staff for several minutes before the three elected officials joined City Clerk Becca Smith at the council table.
District 4’s Susan Smith was in St. Louis for a Delta Regional Authority conference; District 5’s Chris Harrison was at a mandatory work-related conference; and District 2’s Jerome Webster’s absence was also reportedly work-related.
The meeting agenda called for council action on four items: a request for a breast cancer awareness event; a request to use a city park for another event; a resolution involving West Escambia Utilities; and a resolution concerning grass and weeds nuisances.
Once the councilmen and the few citizens in attendance settled into place, Staff confirmed the lack of a quorum (at least three council members have to be on hand for a meeting to continue) and, holding up the agenda, said, “There’s nothing on here that can’t be put off.”