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GECA celebrates, brings back ‘Joseph’

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At a recent rehearsal, Skyler Hursh, front center, plays Joseph.

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
To commemorate the occasion and to bring back a popular production to the local stage, the Greater Escambia Council for the Arts presents “Joseph” Friday through Saturday, July 25 through 27, 7 p.m. each night, and Sunday, July 28, 2 p.m.
Due to the expense of bringing the musical to GECA’s stage, all tickets for this show are $10. Membership discounts cannot be honored.
The cast is big for this show and you’ll see several cast members playing more than one part.
Narrator – Ellen Johnson
Joseph – Skyler Hursh
Jacob – Jerry Stahly (Wife – Sharon Poulsen, Handmaiden – Priscilla Eby)
Reuben – Phil Johnson (Wife – Leslie Garner) One Less Place at Our Table solo
Simeon – Jerry Janes (Wife – Jordan Taylor)
Levi – Dietrich Bondurant (Wife – Katherine Eby)
Judah – Andrew Willis (Wife – Isabel Allen) Benjamin Calypso solo
Dan – Joe Ray (Wife – Jasmina Stahly)
Naphtali – Timothy Huber (Wife – Anna Donald)
Gad – Josiah Carter (Wife – Brooklyn Hursh)
Asher – Micah Mast (Wife – Natalee Presley)
Issachar – Dan Johnson (Wife – Amanda Miller)
Zebulon – Justus Zundel (Wife – Sydney Mast) Those Canaan Days solo
Benjamin – Trevor Miller (no wife)
Brother’s Wives: (Primary dance team)
1. Anna Donald **
2. Jasmina Stahly *
3. Natalee Presley *
4. Amanda Miller *
5. Brooklyn Hursh *
6. Katherine Eby *
7. Sydney Mast *
8. Jordan Taylor *
9. Isabel Allen *
10. Leslie Garner **
Leah – Sharon Poulsen **
Bilhaht – Priscilla Eby **
* Pharaoh’s Groupies
** Egyptian Woman
Traders / Jailers / Spear carriers /extras (Non-singing) – Tyler Miller
Potiphar – Timothy Huber
Potiphar’s Men
1. Joe Ray
2. Josiah Carter
3. Justus Zundel
4. Trevor Miller
5. Phil Johnson
6. Jerry Stahly
Mrs. Potiphar – Anna Donald
Butler – Andrew Willis
Baker – Dietrich Bondurant
Pharaoh – Dan Johnson
Children’s and Youth Choir
Captain – Leah Miller
Alexis Strength
Victoria Strength
Emma Mast
Sydney Mast
Natalee Presley
Brooklyn Hursh
Amanda Miller
Jasmina Stahley
Mary Beachy
Gilda Stuben
Hailey Grassias
Wanetta McGinty
Pam Dees