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Innerfit Martial Arts group to compete at National Games

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Shown, Innerfit students and instructors: front row (from left): Ashton Chancery, Madison Joiner, Braxton Floyd, Lane McCall, Brandon Floyd; back row (from left): instructor Lisa Cunningham, Jessica Huff, Price Simmons, Dessire Combs, Bobbie Johnson, instructor Rachel White.

East Brewton-based Innerfit Martial Arts is now set to compete in the National Games. IMA teaches martial arts to residents of the local area, including Atmore.
“We have around five-to-six Atmore residents who commute each week to participate in classes,” owner and instructor Rachel White said. “Students are able to have the opportunity to compete at state and national levels.”
After opening in the local area two years ago, Innerfit has become one of the only local martial arts facilities in the area that offers students the chance to compete at the highest levels.
“We would love to be able to compete at the world competition level one day, and that is a possibility that we are working towards in the future,” White said. “For now, we are able to compete at state and national levels, which is a big feat within itself.”
At the Alabama State Games held in Huntsville, Innerfit students middled, which allowed the opportunity for nine individuals to compete at the National Games, which will be held in Lynchburg, Va., July 31-August 4.
White and co-owner-instructor Rachel Lisa Cunningham have more than 40 years of martial arts experience between them.
“We are proud to draw students from all over our county, including Atmore,” White said. “Martial arts offers confidence, respect, physical conditioning and control in everyday life. It has a variety of lessons that it teaches, and many students have found it a way to escape everyday stresses.”
Members of the Innerfit team ranging in age from 7 years to the mid-50s, will be competing at the National Games range.
“You are never too young or old to learn the art of martial arts,” said White.