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WSD to stay on Pensacola Avenue

News Staff Report

Last week, Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce solicited input from the community on whether the city’s annual Williams Station Day celebration should be relocated downtown or if it should remain in its current location on Pensacola Avenue.
Chamber Executive Director Emily Wilson said Tuesday morning the venue will remain on Pensacola Avenue.
“There was never an intent to move Williams Station Day this year,” Wilson said. “This was just a survey to gauge interest … It was brought up last year that there might be some interest in relocating the event, so people were asking if it was going to be moved this year. We just needed to know the level of interest.”
Wilson said most of the feedback from the community survey was constructive, but as she said in a report to the Chamber board, “Most of the comments were constructive, some were not, but as with all criticism and challenges there is always something to learn from feedback given, regardless of its nature.
“There were even some great suggestions made to improve the current festival, like a covered food court area that could only come from those who attend and participate in the festival …”
This year’s Williams Station Day will be held Saturday, October 26, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., along Pensacola Avenue.