Blue Devils lifting, sweating, looking to the fall

News Sports Writer

With the results of their spring football game against Northview tipping in favor of Escambia County High School, the Blue Devils are now preparing to take on the challenges that fall practice will bring.
“We had a really well-played game against Northview during our preseason hosting,” head coach Scott Mason said. “However, we have some kinks to work out and some polishing to do.”
That polishing has begun in the form of summer weight training and workouts.
On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the summer silence is broken at ECHS with the sounds of weights clinking and sweat dripping as Blue Devils players get in shape for the war that will commence on the gridiron in August.
Known for his quick-paced, “Thunder and Lighting” offense, Mason is helping drive his 30 to 40 players to reach their peak physical shape in preparation for fall practice and the season opener.
“The kids have taken to the fast-paced game rapidly,” said Mason. “After our pre-season game against the Chiefs, many of the players stressed the fact that the fast-paced game was basically basketball on grass.”
The strategy behind Mason’s approach is to confuse the defense and render it unable to read the play before the ball is snapped. Except for some dropped passes and botched plays, the Blue Devils executed that concept well during their spring game. Northview was unable to read many of the ECHS offensive plays, which helped lead to the ECHS victory.
“It took the guys a while to catch on, but they are now onboard and excited about what we are trying to accomplish,” the ECHS coach said. “I am pleased and excited with the results and hard work they have been giving me and we will continue that this summer and into the fall.”
The plan for the Blue Devils over summer break is simple: Lift and run, building as much bulk and speed as possible.
“We have a long way to go but the guys believe in what we are doing. That makes all the difference in the world,” Mason said.
The Blue Devils have one common goal this season, to win and be recognized.
Mason stressed that the team will be building on what it has done so far, going into the season, and that things will only get tougher from here.
The summer is a good opportunity for any football team to hone its skills and build strength, mass and speed. That will be the focus for the Blue Devils, over the summer months and until they strap on the pads again in August.
The goal is to provide a thrilling football experience for the Atmore community.
Mason and the Blue Devils, who haven’t won a state title since 1983, hope to bring another long-awaited championship back to the halls of Escambia County High School this fall.