Truck misses stop sign, sails onto train tracks

The pickup landed on its side, across the tracks.

The driver of a 2007 Chevy pickup was reportedly seriously injured this morning around 6 a.m. when she missed a stop sign and drove across fog-shrouded U.S. 31, went airborne and landed on a set of train tracks.

The driver, Kimberly Kaye Clark (no age provided) of Century, Fla. was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. Traffic investigators had not determined by midday whether or not the thick fog played a part in the wreck.

Atmore Fire Department units were sent to the site and apparently had to cut the windshield from the vehicle, which landed on its passenger side, to free the injured woman from the mangled mass of metal.

CSX officials were sent to the scene and halted all rail traffic in the area for about an hour until the pickup was moved.

For more details on the mishap, see this week’s Atmore News.