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The Canoe Study Club

Special to Atmore News

The Canoe Study Club met at The Atmore Welcome Center on Tuesday, January 15. Mrs. Joan Hackman, a volunteer with the welcome center, as well as a member of the club, served as hostess.
The Welcome Center, which currently shares space with the Atmore Historical Society Museum, is located in the Peavy-Webb Building found on the city block which was the former location of Rachel Patterson Elementary School. Several club members attended school there, and have nice memories of those years. Among the historical collections are pictures of Miss Mary Brantley and Miss Imogene Brantley, and items they donated. The sisters were teachers at Rachel Patterson for decades.
Everyone enjoyed touring the bright and cheerful welcome center. The center has brochures regarding places and activities of interest to those new to, or visiting, our area. There are also many pictures and displays of various items from Atmore’s history, all of which are a part of the Atmore Historical Society’s collection.
Mrs. Hackman stated that once the necessary renovations and repairs are made to the Watson Cabin, located next to the Peavy-Webb Building, the Historical Society will relocate their items to the cabin. After that move occurs, the Welcome Center will house art work created by local artists.
Mrs. Hackman reported that she has been pleasantly surprised by the geographic locations of visitors who have come into the center. Many were from various states of the United States, as well as visitors from Europe who were traveling in our area.
After the tour of the center, Mrs. Becky McDonald, club president, called the meeting to order. Mrs. Sarah Hall provided an inspirational devotional regarding our New Year’s resolutions. After the club’s business was concluded, the meeting was adjourned and members enjoyed wonderful refreshments provided by Mrs. Hackman. She presented ornaments depicting images of local places of historical interest to each attendee.