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Working around the holidays

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At Atmore News, we often work around holidays, but we’re in a unique situation this month with Christmas falling on a Tuesday, which is our print and delivery day.
Several weeks ago, we began talking with Bo Bolton, owner of the Monroe Journal where our paper is printed. Bo is shutting down the press Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 24 and 25, so we had a choice to print before or after Christmas. Rather than come back from the Christmas holiday and have to put out a paper almost immediately, we are choosing to print and deliver this Friday, Dec. 21.
Of course, this means you have this paper in your hands, and this Friday, you’ll have another. We will not have a paper the week of Christmas, but we plan to have a lot of Christmas pictures and articles in the 21st paper so we hope you’ll enjoy it through the season.
The following week, we’re facing a similar, though not as drastic, situation with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We’ll print and deliver our paper that week on Monday, Dec. 31.
Add to all that the January issue of “atmore” magazine. Our deadline to get the pages to Interstate Printing is Wednesday, Dec. 26. We’ve been trying our best to get ads and columns and articles in this week so as not to work over Christmas weekend, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (We try every year – never completely works out.) Charles McDevitt brings our magazines to our office, and even though Interstate is closed Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, he’s planning to deliver the magazines to us on New Year’s Eve so we can include them in our home delivery papers and distribute them to advertisers Wednesday, Jan. 2.
Though our regular schedule will be interrupted, please continue to send items to sherry@atmorenews.com.
If you have a news tip, please call or text or email Don Fletcher, 251-294-3564, don@atmorenews.com.
All of us at Atmore News and “atmore” sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas.