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Canoe Study Club meets

Club members, from left, Becky McDonald, Rene Graham, Susan Jansen, Sarah Hall, Pat Bagwell, Phyllis Shipp,
Linda Ellison. Not pictured is Glenda Lowry.

Special to Atmore News

The Canoe Study Club met on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at the Atmore Public Library.
Chief Deputy Mike Lambert from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was the guest speaker for the meeting. Phyllis Shipp served as hostess.
Deputy Lambert provided an interesting and informative power point presentation called, “Run, Hide, Fight.” The information concerned what one should do in the event of an active shooter situation or an intruder. The best action is to run away from the scene if possible. If running away is not possible, then one should hide, and do whatever is possible to slow down the intruder until help can arrive. In the unfortunate situation of finding ourselves face to face with the intruder, then we must fight. He suggested creating chaos, screaming, or throwing things at the intruder. The major point he stressed was that each of us should have a plan regarding what we are willing to do, and do it.
The Canoe Study Club met at Gather Restaurant for lunch Thursday, November 15. Club members attending enjoyed a wonderful lunch while sharing time together to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
Plans were made for the club’s annual Christmas project to ensure that some of Atmore’s residents have a Merry Christmas. A date was set for our Christmas celebration in December.
Club members are Becky McDonald, president; Susan Jansen, vice president; Phyllis Shipp, secretary; Glenda Lowry, treasurer; Sarah Hall, parliamentarian; Rene Graham; Linda Ellison; Pat Bagwell.