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Usher Board, Voncile Stallworth honored

At the service, from left, Brettschneider Staples, Helen Lyons, James Spruiel, James Williams, Voncile Stallworth, Thomas Allen, Rosie Jones, Shanda Williams, Theresa Martin, Dorothy Brazzell.

News Staff Writer

The Rev. Willie Hawthorne, congregation and guests honored a special group Sunday, October 14, with the Annual Ushers Day celebration.
The Senior Usher Board and the Junior Usher Board were honored.
Officers of the Senior Usher Board are Voncile Stallworth, president; Jerome Davis, vice president; Rosie Jones, secretary; Dorothy Brazzell, assistant secretary; Laura Leslie, treasurer; Annie Bonner, chaplain; James Williams, chief usher; Thomas Adams assistant chief usher; Members are Helen Lyons, Mary Louise White, Brettschneider Staples, Essie McNeal, Theresa Martin, Shanda T. Williams.
Members of the Junior Usher Board are Christiara Jones and Ahmod Martin.
The theme for the service was “Rendering Service in Unity.”
The Scripture was Psalm 84:10 – “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
A number of plaques were given for outstanding service, but the largest award of all was presented to Voncile Stallworth. The Senior Usher Board presented her with the Outstanding and Lasting Service Award, the Lifetime Usher Award.
Standing in for ushers not in attendance were Brettschneider Staples for Mary Louise White, Thomas Allen for Robert Longmire, Rosie Jones for Essie McNeal.
In addition, Teresa Martin held Voncile Stallworth’s service plaque, as Mrs. Stallworth received her Lifetime Usher Award.