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Northview falls to Blountstown

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The Northview Chiefs started off with 19 points in the first half this past Friday night, Sept. 14, but it just wasn’t enough to seal the win against Blountstown Tigers in a final 35 to 19 match-up. The Chiefs, who are now 2-2, are known for resilience, however, and will go down fighting as they prepare for this week’s game as well!
Quarterback senior Seth Killam had 2 perfect touchdown passes to Junior Aunterio Minor and another to Rayvon Bush. Minor actually scored 2 touchdowns for the Chiefs, but all points were earned in the first half.
“After the first half, we seemed to have lost some steam,” sophomore Logan Bryan said. “Even though we were first on the board with points, once the Tigers got started, they just kept going.”
Bryan is probably referring to Blountstown star junior Treven Smith who had a stellar night scoring a touchdown and rushing for almost 130 yards. Smith also played defense and had 14 tackles.
Head Coach Derek Marshman said his team will adjust in practice this week.
“We fought really hard trying to push through for a win, and the boys gave it all,” he said. “We will keep working to improve and adjust.”
If you couldn’t make it on the three-hour trip to Blountstown, fear not. This Friday night the Chiefs will play Holmes County on our own field.
There is nothing like the Friday Night Lights with all of the music, super-loud hollering and fresh stadium food! Come on out and let your spirit help carry the Chiefs to their next victory! See ya’ there.