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Blacksher wins big over Choctaw Tigers

Some of the JUB Bulldogs, from left, Brady Ikner (senior), Chase Boone (senior), Peyton Wilkins (sophomore), and Andrew Dawson (sophomore)

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The J.U. Blacksher Bulldogs seemed to have found their groove this past Friday night, Sept. 14, with a runaway game against the Choctaw County Tigers. To start the game Blacksher kicked the ball off to the Tigers. The Tigers returned the kick to their own 30-yard line. After a very short drive of only 5 plays the Tigers turned the ball over to the Bulldogs. After exchanging possession 2 more times the Bulldogs manage to punch a touchdown in with a run by #4 defensive back and wide receiver junior JT Tucker. The extra point attempt was no good leaving the score 6-0 with 4:18 left in the first.
After getting the ball on the kickoff the Tigers managed to score in just two plays and get the extra point attempt to go with it. This made the score 6-7 with 3:21 left in the first. After getting the ball back, Blacksher had a bad snap which ended up resulting in a safety with 3:21 on the clock in the first. With the clock winding down in the first quarter, the Tigers took advantage of their momentum and scored with 1:03 left in the first and managed to tack on the extra point too making the score 6-16.
At the start of the second quarter, Blacksher held possession of the ball and scored quickly with 10:31 left in the second. They also managed to get the extra point attempt making the score 13-16. Choctaw County tried to respond to the touchdown with a 16-play drive but it ended in an interception by Tucker. The Bulldogs turned the ball over on downs on the Tigers 33-yard line. The Bulldogs quickly recovered the ball on another interception by Tucker and were able to quickly score in a 2-play drive. They managed to get the extra point which made the score 20-16 with 27.8 seconds left in the first half.
To start the second half, Blacksher received the ball on their own 35-yard line. After a 7-play drive the Bulldogs scored once again on a 19-yard run by #2 sophomore quarterback and defensive back sophomore KD Rabb. The extra point attempt was no good making the score 26-16. Blacksher kicked off the ball to the Tigers but quickly got it back and scored once again but were unable to get the extra point making the score 32-16 with 5:40 left in the third. The Bulldogs got the ball again before the end of the quarter and made the score 38-16.
Choctaw started the fourth quarter with the ball but were unable to score. The ball changed possession several times in the fourth quarter but no points were scored. The final score was 38-16.
Blacksher’s offense was led in rushing yards by #17 linebacker and running back freshman JaDaniel Nettles who totaled 182 rushing yards on his own. He was followed in rushing yards by Rabb who totaled 120 rushing yards. The Bulldogs totaled 93 yards passing and 399 yards rushing. The offensive yardage for the Bulldogs totaled 492 yards.
The Bulldogs were led in defensive tackles by #19 linebacker and running back junior Jaylin Hunt who totaled 13 tackles. He was followed by #18 linebacker and running back junior Tucker Spence who had 12 tackles.
Assistant coach Ethan Taylor stated that the coaches saw things the team could build on and that they saw things that they could fix.
The Bulldogs are prepared for their next game and hopeful for another win. The Bulldogs play at Southern Choctaw this Friday at 7.