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Honoring first responders

At Sunday’s service, from left, first row, Major Thomas, Ashley Gaskins, Gordon Brooks, Louis English, Ron Peebles, Tom Tschida; second row, Chuck Brooks, Mike Lambert, Joel Pittman, Zack Stewart; third row, Abby Harris, Larry Gross, Daniel White, Justin Pablo, Andy Hammonds; fourth row, the Rev. Jeffrey Jencks, Steven Reynolds, the Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick, Mayor Jim Staff.

News Staff Writer

For the 12th year, the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church hosted a Blue Sunday service to remember those who perished September 11, 2001, in the attack on America. This year’s service, Sunday, September 9, was held jointly by Trinity and St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, Poarch.
The Rt. Rev. J. Russell Kendrick, Bishop of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, officiated.
The Rev. Jeffrey Jencks, Celebrant, brought the message.
“Faith is itself a word of action,” he said. ” … We have faith in you because you have shown us by example and by the way you wear that uniform. When others run away from danger, you run toward it … You walk in and bring hope … We thank you not only for your faith in what you do, thank you for your actions. May God bless you.”
Also participating in the service were Crucifer Major Thomas, St. Anna’s; Lay Readers Charles Wicker, St. Anna’s, and Lisa Reynolds, Trinity; Lay Eucharistic Minister Steven Reynolds; and pianist Scott Jolly.
First responders attending were
City of Atmore – Mayor Jim Staff
Atmore Fire Department – Chief Ron Peebles, Louis English, Zack Stewart, Daniel White, Emergency Chaplain Tom Tschida
Atmore Police Department – Chief Chuck Brooks, Gordon Brooks, Ashley Gaskins, Joel Pittman
Poarch Fire/Rescue – Andy Hammonds, Justin Pablo
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office – Chief Deputy Mike Lambert, Larry Gross
EMT – Abby Harris
Following the service, everyone enjoyed lunch in the parish hall.

News photo by Sherry Digmon