Criminal charges unlikely in recent stabbing

News Staff Writer

Chances are that no one will be charged in connection with the August 7 stabbing of a local man who apparently provoked his alleged assailant into using the weapon against him.
Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks said during an August 13 interview that city investigators had turned their investigative file over to District Attorney Steve Billy and asked him to decide whether or not anyone should be charged in the incident, which took place at 45 Carver Avenue.
“We’re through with our part of the investigation,” Brooks said then. “We’ve turned everything over to the DA, and he will decide who, if anybody, will be arrested.”
Brooks said several gray areas complicated the effort by city detectives to solve the case on their own.
“There were multiple players involved,” he said. “It started when two employees of (a local fast food restaurant) got into an argument, and some of their family members got into it. In the end, it was two males who were most involved, and one of them stabbed the other.”
The district attorney had not returned by press time Tuesday a call seeking information on the incident, but Brooks said he has been notified that no prosecution would stem from the stabbing, since the situation had apparently cooled down before the victim went to the other man’s home and renewed the altercation.
“I don’t think they’re going to prosecute, since the victim went over there (to the assailant’s residence) before he got stabbed,” the police chief said.
The victim, whose name has not been released, is reportedly recuperating from his injuries, which were not overly serious and not a threat to his life.