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Stabbing still under investigation

News Staff Writer

Atmore police investigators have done all they can to unravel the circumstances surrounding last week’s stabbing of an Atmore man by another local man.
Initial reports from several sources indicated that the victim was a woman, but authorities said those reports were inaccurate.
Police Chief Chuck Brooks said this week that city detectives have completed the initial portion of the criminal probe and have turned their investigative file over to District Attorney Steve Billy.
“It’s still under investigation, but we’re through with our part,” Brooks said. “We’ve turned everything over to the DA, and he will decide who, if anybody, will be arrested.”
The district attorney had not returned by press time Tuesday a call seeking information on the incident.
The police chief reported that the victim, whose name has not been released, is “fine” and that his injuries are not life threatening.
The incident apparently was a little more complex than a simple one-on-one stabbing.
“There were multiple players involved,” said Brooks. “It started when two employees of [a local fast food restaurant] got into an argument, and some of their family members got into it. In the end, it was two males who were most involved, and one of them stabbed the other.”