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Praying in the Field

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The revival site is directly behind this group joined in prayer. Bro. Cornelius Phillips is on the other side of the circle. Others in the prayer group are, clockwise from Bro. Phillips, Charlene Foley, Cossondra Howard, Debbie McDonald, Don McDonald, Tommy Smith, John Spencer, JD (Jimbo) Ashcraft, Melissa Ashcraft, Lannette Turberville, Gwen Taylor, Tammy Drew.

It was nice in the shade. Good breeze. But no doubt the heat kept some folks away. Monday afternoon, June 4, several people met behind Hardee’s in Rivercane to pray for a revival that’s months away, but one that has been in the planning stages for months already.
Monday, the first prayer gathering was held at the site of Fire in the Field, a revival that sprang from the heart of Pastor Cornelius Phillips, McCullough Christian Center. Though he has a heart for revival and started the process, Bro. Phillips is quick to say it’s a collective effort of area pastors and lay people as he draws more people and churches in.
The tent revival – or area-wide crusade – is set for October 7-11, at Rivercane. The tent will hold 2,000 people. It won’t be difficult to find that many people to come. Bro. Phillips said Monday, according to the latest census report, there are more than 771,000 people within a five-county radius of the revival site.
“Why do we need revival?” he asked Monday. “Because probably one-half to three-fourths of the more than 771,000 people need Jesus …
“We’re praying for God to do what we are not able to do. The Holy Spirit will come along side to help. We pray for God to open hearts, open eyes, and open heaven.”
This was the first prayer gathering. The next one is set for Monday, June 18, 6 to 7 p.m. Dates are also set for July, August and September. Check Fire in the Field on Facebook for additional information.
All are invited. All are welcome.

News photos by Sherry Digmon