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City-wide cleanup Saturday

For the third straight year, Atmore city officials and residents will celebrate the arrival of spring with a Saturday, March 24, city-wide cleanup that will not only help beautify the community but will also help citizens get rid of many items that are not easily disposed of.

Mayor Jim Staff said city officials want to get as many old tires, paint cans, electronics and similar items off the sides of city streets and out of backyards, garages and storage buildings.

“It’s time for spring cleaning,” the mayor said. “Something like this needs doing every now and then.”

He noted, however, that the project would not be conducted in hit-or-miss fashion.

“Folks need to have the stuff they want picked up ready by 7 a.m., sharp, Saturday morning,” he said. “We’re only going to make one pass. If it’s out where you usually put your household garbage when we come by, we’re going to get it. If it’s not, we’re not.”

Officials asked that those who do leave items at curbside separate cardboard and paper from the other items.

“We’d like to ask folks, if they would, to separate the cardboard and paper,” Staff said. “We’ll be bringing our new recycling trailers around to pick those up.”

He added that he is hoping that a large segment of the city’s population would take part in the one-day cleanup campaign.

“It’s a good thing for the whole community,” he said. “I hope everybody who can will participate in the cleanup.”