Living history

Drill, from left, Andy Akins, Brent Akins, Joey King, Wayne Edmonds, Ryan Preston.

Local reenactors and history fans converged on Wawbeek Saturday February 3, for the fourth annual Wawbeek Living History sponsored by Marietta Johnson, the 15th Confederate Cavalry Company C and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

According to Andy Akins of the group, “This event represents the Winter Encampment for the 15th Confederate Cavalry. The group participated in period uniform, demonstrated Weapons, Firing, and Drilling Formations from the period. Visitors were encouraged to walk through the Camp and ask questions of the group.”

“We were glad to participate in the Living History and in efforts to preserve the rich history and heritage of our area; it’s a great thing that Mrs. Marietta does sponsoring this event,” said Kevin McKinley, Commander, William Carney Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans, Canoe, Alabama.

The 15th was also present at the Canoe Homecoming held in November 2017.

Firing the cannon
In a living history camp, sometimes you wear gray, sometimes you wear blue – Brent Akins and Andy Akins.
Manning the cannon, from left, Bryson Barbour, David Bracewell, Micah Bracewell, AJ Embry, Dakota Bishop, Treydean Bracewell (front), Jacob Bracewell.
News photos by Ditto Gorme and Sherry Digmon