Fitzpatrick inducted into AISA Hall of Fame

Mitzi Fitzpatrick at the awards ceremony.

Mitzi Fitzpatrick was inducted into the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA) Hall of Fame in a ceremony held Monday evening, October 23.
Ms. Fitzpatrick was honored for her years of service at Escambia Academy, serving as school secretary, registrar and office manager. And there were probably other hats she wore as well during her decades at the school. Indeed, the AISA Hall of Fame program referred to her as “The Matriarch of Escambia Academy.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick worked for nine different headmasters.

From the program: “ … she truly RAN Escambia Academy. Always a true Southern lady, she operated Escambia Academy’s office in just that manner – always pleasant, always loving, always respectful, and most importantly, always right.

“For the last forty-six years, Mitzi’s value has been immeasurable because of the love and concern she has shown daily for the parents, staff, and especially the students at Escambia Academy. She has known every student by name, and she has made certain that each one of them knew that she cared about them. She did not punch a clock – she stayed until her work was completed, which often required countless weekends and after hours. The quality of her words and the attitude with which she did it were exemplary. Ask any student or faculty member who has ever been a part of Escambia Academy what they think of Mitzi and they will all say the same thing: she is an amazing woman who loves others completely, which mean she never lets anyone get away with anything.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick made the following comments: “I want to thank the AISA and Escambia Academy for the many years of ‘precious memories.’ Escambia Academy has been my pleasure and a blessing for me. I am honored to be inducted into the AISA Hall of Fame, and both the AISA and Escambia Academy will be in my and heart forever. God Bless.”