Craft’s dream going far

Sherese Craft

Sherese Craft’s dream is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Sherese is 19, an Atmore native, and a 2016 graduate of Escambia County High School. She attends Coastal Alabama Community College in Atmore, and she’s taking business courses. She’s a member of Harris Street AOH Church of God. She’s the daughter of Tracy (her dad) and Tracey (her mom) Craft.

That tells you about Sherese, but not what makes her tick – a love of writing.

“I started writing in fifth grade,” she said. “A teacher told me I was a great writer.

I’ve always been good at writing essays. I do daily journaling to keep my writing skills fresh.”

She’s embarking on a project that combines her love of writing with a message she hopes will reach out to someone who needs to hear it.

Sherese has written her first play – “How Far Will You Go to Get It?”

The play is about a boy who is surrounded by gang violence and is dealing with an alcoholic father. But a girl helps him turn his life around.

With permission and blessing of Escambia County High School Principal Dennis Fuqua, Sherese will hold auditions for her play next month.

If you’re interested in auditioning, be at ECHS Cornell Torrence Gymnasium Thursday, Friday or Saturday, November 2, 3,or 4, at 6 p.m.

There are several roles – the boy, his father, the girl and her family, an aunt and uncle, the boy’s friends. All roles are for individuals 18 and older. She hopes to present the play in March. The first performance will probably be at ECHS. Beyond that, she hopes to take it to colleges.

There will be a charge for attending the play once it opens, but all proceeds will go toward touring.

“I see this as community work,” Sherese said. “Writing is therapy for me, but I also want to show life lessons. I like helping people. If this play reaches just one person, then it’s a success.”