AACCM honors volunteers

Julia Strack presents Volunteer of the Year Award to Albert Brown

Atmore Area Christian Care Ministry Board of Directors honored the ministry’s volunteers with a banquet Thursday, October 19, hosted by First Baptist Church and the Rev. Arnold Hendrix.

Following a welcome by AACCM board Chairman Keith Castleberry, Rev. Hendrix asked the blessing, thanking God “for all those who have volunteered throughout the year and all those who lead.”

The Rev. Brennan Peacock, First United Methodist Church, presented a devotional about love and the word “care” in the ministry’s name.

“As I thought about what I would say, the word care kept coming back to me,” he said. “In the work that you are doing, you are reflecting love … Love means something. It calls us to something … Love calls us to vulnerability. Love calls us to sacrifice … This organization has care right in the name of it. What we can do is love. What we can do is care. We can give of our resources, our time. Keep being expressions of God’s love in this community.”

Volunteer Coordinator Julia Strack presented the Volunteer of the Year Award.

“This individual gives and gives and gives,” she said, prior to announcing his name.

She talked about the many tasks the award recipient does at AACCM, going far beyond what he is asked to do, putting his hand to whatever needs to be done.
Then she presented the Volunteer of the Year Award to Albert Brown.

Keith Castleberry, Rev. Brennan Peacock, Rev. Arnold Hendrix