Leadership Atmore 2018 under way

Leadership Atmore 2018 at Camp Beckwith, from left, front, Kim Himes, Megan Young, Kelly Dirting, Loren Taylor, Beth Talmage, Brandy Jones, Anna Marie Johnson, Suzanne Helton, Kayla Bell, Johnrhey Levick, Danielle Sanspree, and Nicole Gorum; back, Lesley Pollard, Scott Dirting, Robbie Cale, Daniel Harris, Kevin Kennell, Christy Smallwood, John Stallworth, Emily Dykes, Emilee Waters.

The Leadership Atmore Class of 2018 kicked off with the opening retreat at Camp Beckwith September 26-27. The retreat is always one of the highlights of Leadership.

The 2018 program co-chairs are Hannah Johnson and Dawn Skipper.

According to Johnson, at the retreat, the class participated in several team-building elements such as the birthday log, floating island and leap of faith. As with every class before, the retreat is structured to build teamwork.

“They began the day as individuals and became a team as the day progressed,” Johnson said.

Among the purposes of the program are building community networks, helping leaders emerge and educating members about the area.

“I am excited for Leadership Class of 2018 and what they will bring to the community during the coming year and in the future,” Skipper said.

Members of the Leadership Atmore Class of 2018 are Kayla Bell, United Bank; Robbie Cale, Atmore Community Home Care; Kelly Dirting, Poarch Creek Indians; Scott Dirting, Wind Creek Atmore; Emily Dykes, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union; Nicole Gorum, FS Advisors; Daniel Harris, City of Atmore; Suzanne Helton, Escambia County High School; Kim Himes, Atmore Community Hospital; Anna Marie Johnson, Farmers Insurance; Brandy Jones, B&B Cleaning; Kevin Kennell, We Care Program; Johnrhey Levick, United Bank; Leslie Pollard, Wind Creek Atmore; Danielle Sanspree, Wind Creek Hospitality; Christy Smallwood, State Farm; John Stallworth, City of Atmore; Elizabeth Talmage, Pepsi Cola Bottling Company; Loren Taylor, Atmore Community Hospital; Emilee Waters, United Bank; and Megan Young, Poarch Creek Indians.