Katie Dreadin attends 50th reunion

Katie Dreadin with Atmore News and her son Geoff Sasser

Katie Dreadin recently attended her 50th high school reunion in Colorado Springs, Colo. She was accompanied by her son Geoff Sasser.

Katie graduated in 1967 from William J. Palmer High School.

“When I first got news of the reunion, I told Geoff I’d really like to go,” she said. “He spread the word to his brothers and sisters and I got a birthday card from all of them in June saying, ‘You’re going to Colorado! Surprise!”

Even grandchildren got in on the surprise.

Katie said not only did she get to see high school friends, she visited relatives, and did some sight-seeing.

“We couldn’t miss out on seeing the beautiful Garden of the Gods,” Katie said. “We relived a lot of special memories and had a wonderful time.”

And Katie took an Atmore News with her for a picture.