Johnny Appleseed comes to Perdido

Mrs. Kambi Gohagan’s kindergarten class showing off their “pot hats” – Kenslie Barber, Brantley Braddock, Jake Clinton, Dara Cooper, Lola Hall, Hannah Hadley, Graeme Harville, Caiden Lanham, Kasrson Lemieux, Russell McPherson, Everleigh Paul, Annie Paulson, Peyton Peed, Isabel Pierce, Samuel Roberson, Brayson Talbot, Keaton Waltman, Aylea White and C’Dajia Houston.

Special to Atmore News

Pre-k and kindergarten students at Perdido Elementary School are enjoying learning about the American folk hero, John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman. They have learned that he got his nickname from the fact that he planted apple trees throughout the Midwest of America. Of course, the idea that he wandered around barefoot with a cooking pot on his head for most of his adult life intrigues all of the children.

Students have been involved in a variety of activities to commemorate this legend: making “pots” for their head, making homemade applesauce, graphing their favorite variety of apple, listening to stories and watching the short video on the life Johnny Appleseed.

Red delicious apples proved to be the favorite apple in Mrs. Kambi Gohagan’s class. The children also made torn paper apple trees to match the color of their favorite variety of apples. After listening to the story The Apple Pie Tree, the children made their very own “no bake” individual apple pies.