Chiefs lose to Blountstown

News Sports Writer

Friday night was another deep loss for the Northview Chiefs. With a 59 to 13 final score, the Chiefs ended the night in massive disappointment.

“We had some good plays, but Blountstown just outplayed us,” Head Coach Derek Marshman admitted after the game against the Blountstown Tigers.

Things were looking promising when Northview’s sophomore Aunterio Minor had a first-quarter touchdown, but Blountstown started scoring immediately during the second quarter and did not stop. The Chiefs’ Seth Killam was attempting a quarterback pass, but the Tigers’ Alex Buggs tipped it, causing a Blountstown score. Things kept going for the Tigers at this point. They piled on a total of 51 points, all before halftime.

Northview’s Ray Bush did score again during the second quarter on another Killam pass, and the extra point was good. Half-time score: 51 to 13.

The Tigers scored their final touchdown when they intercepted another Seth Killam pass, adding the final points for the night.

It was one of the most mistake-filled nights ever for the Chiefs this year. Nothing seemed to go right. There were multiple turnovers, multiple interceptions, a blocked punt. The Chiefs never could get their stamina up and running.

With a 1-3 record, the Chiefs are a far cry from their former state championship title. The talent is there. The desire is there. The two need to come together. Coach Marshman hopes to adjust next week’s skills to prepare for Friday night’s game there against Holmes County.

“We have a strong team and a strong coaching staff. We will figure this out and adjust to win,” he said.

Sophomore Chief Jacob Hawkins added that practice this week will be bittersweet. He knows the afternoons will be long and serious, but he also knows that is what it takes to be the best they can be.