Doing the right thing

Seth and the puppies

By Missie Tschida

All too often these days, we find ourselves reading or listening to news about young people doing the wrong thing. Today (Sept. 7), I had the pleasure of catching a young person doing the right thing. Mail delivery person, Marvin Stallworth, was delivering mail to the home of Angela Searcy and her son, Seth, this morning.

Upon approaching the home, Mr. Stallworth saw 11-year-old Seth outside on the front lawn with a litter of 12-week-old puppies contained in a pen with a sign indicating the puppies were free. Mr. Stallworth gave Atmore News a call, and I went to see for myself.

Upon arrival, I asked Seth to tell me the reason he was out doing this today, and he said it was because he simply wanted these six Husky-Shepherd puppies to have a future, that he didn’t want to have to put a price on a puppy.

“I just want these puppies to have a good home,” Seth said.

Just as we were wrapping up, Mr. Stallworth pulled his mail truck up across the street and walked over. I asked him what it was about Seth and the puppies that had compelled him to call in.

“We need to encourage our young people when they are doing the right thing. He could have dumped these puppies down the road or sold them, but he chose to do the right thing. We need to support him,” Mr. Stallworth told me. And I agree! When you see a young person out doing the right thing, tell them. That praise will go a long way.

If you are interested in a puppy, you can call Seth or Angela at 251-368-8046. At the time of submission, four puppies were still available.