Tedders host benefit car show – Rain threat limits participation

Car show, 1st place
Israel Tedder poses in her 2016 Storkcraft walker, which was voted Best of Show.

In a contest determined by the votes of those who attend, anything can happen. And it did at the August 26 Tedders Auto Repair Car Show.

The 2016 Storkcraft race car-shaped walker owned by Israel Tedder, 8-month-old granddaughter of event hosts Bubba and Cindy Tedder and daughter of Richey and Cassie Tedder, was chosen on more ballots than any of the 10 motorized entries and earned the event’s first-place trophy.

“It was whoever got the most votes wins, and she was the one with the most votes,” laughed Bubba Tedder after the ballot box was emptied, the tally was double checked and the results announced.

He said he was a little disappointed that a slight threat of rain held down the number of entries, but pleased at the number of people who stopped by during the event to view and vote. Last year’s vote was held in cooler weather, and he felt certain the combination of August heat and the chance of pop-up thunderstorms likely played a role in limiting the participation.

“It was a little shabby, but everybody was worried about the weather today,” Tedder said. “I talked to several folks who said they would have brought their cars but they were too scared that they would get wet. Most of their cars have never been wet unless they were being washed.”

There were others who paid the entry fee but were unable to attend.

“We had two or three who paid to enter, but couldn’t come,” he said. “One guy told me he had two cars he was going to bring, but he got called in to work and didn’t get off in time. A couple of others that said they were coming had to work, too. It was just one of those things.”

A fairly steady stream of car enthusiasts stopped by to look over the entries, enjoy pizza, sandwiches, drinks and cakes. Some stopped by just for the free food, but each was encouraged to cast his or her vote before leaving.

Phil Cameron’s 1904 Horseless Carriage replica won the second-place trophy, while Toby Boutwell’s 1955 Chevy won a tie-breaker vote for third place.

Despite the low turnout among vehicle owners, Cindy Tedder reported that the show generated more than $400 to help fund the program under which she and her husband help provide toys and small gifts at Christmas for children of local families who are down on their luck.

“That’s the main thing, that we can help those families,” she said. “I wish it had been more, but every little bit helps.”

Car show, 2nd place
Phil Cameron’s 1904 Horseless carriage reproduction that won second place.


Car show, 3rd place
Diane and Toby Boutwell’s 1955 Chevy was third place.