Northview starts season with a win

News Sports Writer

Kicking off a win for their regular season opener, the Northview Chiefs secured their first win with a 14 to 7 victory over Monroe County’s J.U. Blacksher Bulldogs, and having a home-field advantage and a full fan-packed stadium may hopefully set the tone for this year’s season.

“J.U. Blacksher and Northview are both very physically even teams,” Head Coach Derek Marshman said after the win.

This certainly appeared to be true throughout the game because every team’s action would be answered with their opponent’s reaction. It truly was a back-and-forth night.

Junior Seth Killam had his night to shine while stepping up to his first time starting as quarterback. Seth did not disappoint. Thanks to his short 5-yard run in the second quarter, the Chiefs were first on the scoreboard. Receiver Tim Bush pushed a conversion pass right on through, and Northview was leading at halftime by 8.

Northview’s band provided the entertainment during halftime, which included western-themed songs, such as “Blazing Saddles” and “How the West Was Won.” Chiefs fan approved as evidenced by their applause and attention during the show. Their momentum must have been contagious because it was during the third quarter that Killam did it again with an almost 35-yard run, giving the Chiefs 14 points. Blacksher answered, however, with a quick touchdown and successful field goal, but that was the last point either team would make.

“We’ve started off the year with a win,” said Cloe Smith, sophomore cheerleader. “We needed this. I think it is going to be a great year!”

Everybody who lives close by is looking forward to next week’s game against Escambia Academy, again at Northview. Last year was the first year we played them, and it was attended by so many people that the entire highway in front of Northview was outlined with vehicles. We are expecting even more this year. The two teams obviously have become friendly rivals. Game time is at 7, but you should definitely get there early to get a good spot. See ya’ there.